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Interview Coaching 
-Hire The Right People-

Why Coaching Your Staff to Be Better Interviewers
Is Important:

Per SHRM aside from one very practical reason to train those who will be involved in any interview process—to avoid unlawful and possibly discriminatory questions—there are other important reasons to provide this type of training. Even most hiring managers have never had interviewing skills training. "The only experience they have in these situations is when they themselves were interviewed for a position."


Hiring the right people is key. One of the tools that can assist in doing this is proper coaching for your hiring managers. This can be done in a formal training process that takes place throughout the year or when key roles are being filled.


This coaching session includes:


  • Behavioral Based Interviewing techniques 

  • Legal and Illegal Interview Questions

  • New Hiring laws

  • Best Practice Advice

In addition we can also assist with:

  • Creating job descriptions

  • Guidance on creating your employee handbooks

  • How and where to order your employer labor law posters

Please complete our contact form for information on our rates and a representative will contact you.  We are excited to coach your staff!

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