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Tasha B.

I had a major interview coming up and I wasn’t feeling confident in my preparation. It had been a while since I’d had to interview for a job so I was feeling a little rusty and I wanted to make sure that I was up to date and prepared for whatever the modern interview is today. I reached out to Ki Johnson because I heard about her background in the interview process. After a couple of meetings with her, I could feel my confidence growing. I went into that interview ready for whatever was about to come my way. Whether you are new to job interviews or you’ve been out of the game for a while like I was, get with Ki Johnson she will make sure that you come out with that job.

Sherie B.

Going on interviews have been a challenge for me. For so long I was complacent working at a job that I really didn't want to be at, but more so I was afraid and felt uncomfortable to go on interviews. When I finally got the courage to take a step out on faith I started applying for jobs and within a few weeks I received a call back for an interview. I immediately contacted Ki for help and she coached me and encouraged me. In that interview I felt confident and I walked in with a positive mind set. I asked the right questions and answered everything the interviewer asked me with confidence. I followed up with a thank you letter that Ki recommended me to send to the interviewer. Within a week I received a call back and got hired. Thank you so much Ki for encouraging me and guiding me along my new career path.

Camille B.

Ki is really good at what she does.  She helped my daughter land the best position she's ever had and gave excellent advice on how to properly reject another offer because she had several and to ask for what she's worth. CHA CHING!!

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