No Tears Today

You are probably wondering why is Ki giving away her music free today. Well, I'm glad you asked. Today would have been my moms birthday. Today only you can download the EP "Hello" free. When I didn’t know how to believe in myself she believed in me. She would sit in the living room and have me rehearse each song. She told me, I need you to understand what each song means so that you can sing it with passion. We broke down each song lyric by lyric. She taught me to speak my mind LOL as most of you know her training was effective. I dedicate my new EP to my mom Debra Stringfield.

These songs are for all the parents who have adult children. We call them to check on them, we pray for them, and we pray for ourselves as we learn to let go. Thank you mom for being a good role model and preparing me. Today I smile in knowing I had the honor of being loved by you. No Tears today! Happy Birthday Mom!


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