It's Our Anniversary - 25 years of Marriage - 

How it started 7/14/1996


How It's going 2021


A Glimpse of Our Story

The Force has been with us

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Q: What did Ki like about Brandon when they first met?

A. 1) He was always going above and beyond for people 2) He was and still is Fiiiiiiiiiiine!

Q. When did Ki know she loved Brandon?

A. When someone broke in her car while they were dating, she called Brandon crying and he rushed over and handled everything! Ki says Brandon is like Clark Kent/Superman mixed with some Macgyver.

Q. What does love is a verb mean to Ki?

A. It means love is an action. For example early in our marriage I lost my job.  He was patient with me and gave me words of encouragement.  I knew he loved me when I would get sinus headaches so bad, I cried myself to sleep and he would pray for me. I knew he loved me because when we had to care for my mom, he worked extra hard and supported me mentally.  I know he loves me because when I gained 40 pounds, he still thinks I am as sexy as ever.

Photo Credit Shots by Mjay


Q: What did Brandon like about Ki when they first met?

A. Her short tan skirt and her boldness to speak her mind.

Q. When did Brandon know he loved Ki?

A. Ki lived in Los Angeles County and Brandon lived in Lake Elsinore.  Ki would drive 2 hours to be with him when he got off work.  Brandon says Ki was always going above and beyond to be there for him.

Q. What does love is a verb mean to Brandon?

A. It means taking action.  I know she loves me because she is very patient with me.  If you come for me, she will come for you lol.  I know she loves me because when I lost my job for a year, she encouraged me.  I can't say it enough, her patience and love far exceeds my expectations. Love is more than a word.  It requires action.