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Hey, I’m

Ki Johnson



About Me

Ki Johnson encompasses a unique blend of soul, gospel, spoken word and real life. Her musical DNA has allowed her to go beyond the walls of the church to club venues, women conferences and intimate gatherings.


Ki creates a space where you can just be you.  Conversations become songs that are eye to eye and face to face. There's a lot of laughter, along with music. She gets to know the audience and they get to know her in a way that would be impossible else where.  She has the ability to make you feel as if you are included in the story she is singing/speaking about. She definitely knows how to connect with her audience. Ki started singing at the age of 7.  She realized early on that she wanted to help people and music was the tool that she could use to do just that.   She  reminds her audience that God loves you and  "You Matter".

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