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Hey, I’m

Ki Johnson



Meet Ki Johnson

Ki Johnson is a remarkable individual who has dedicated her life to using her talents as a dynamic speaker and soulful singer to empower women and share the transformative power of living according to God's word. Her unique approach to connecting with her audience creates a space where authenticity thrives, and conversations seamlessly blend with soul-stirring melodies.


Ki's world is one where every interaction is characterized by genuine eye-to-eye connections and heartfelt face-to-face conversations. Laughter and music flow freely, creating a harmonious atmosphere. She doesn't just perform; she invites you into her world and takes the time to learn about yours, forging a deep bond that transcends the ordinary. Her ability to weave stories into her songs and speeches makes you feel like an integral part of each narrative, leaving you with a lasting sense of inclusion long after the last note fades.


Ki's journey as a singer began at the young age of 7, and it ignited her lifelong dedication to using music as a means of healing and transformation. Early on, she recognized her calling to uplift others and found her chosen tool in music, a powerful vehicle for delivering messages of hope, love, and purpose.

Through her powerful presence and talents, Ki instills a profound reminder in her audience: that God's unwavering love surrounds them, and their existence holds immeasurable significance. With every note she sings and every word she speaks, she affirms the message, "You Matter."


Join Ki Johnson on an extraordinary journey of empowerment, connection, and inspiration. Let her melodies touch your heart, her words awaken your soul, and her unwavering faith remind you of the incredible value you bring to the world.

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